The Journal | 04.11.2020

4 Important features to look for in a snow jacket

Which features distinguish a good snow jacket from a GREAT snow jacket? Here are the top 4 features to look for in your next snow jacket.

Shopping for snow jackets for men comes with a convenient checklist of absolute must-have features.

You’ll find a range of affordable, expensive, and super-expensive jackets available. As with most elements in life, when you’re looking for a snow jacket, you get what you pay for.

Since you want to enjoy a full range of motion, feel warm without becoming tacky under the jacket, and ensure your jacket will last, we suggest you do your homework and ensure that your new jacket meets these 4 basic criteria;

1. Look for water-proofing and breathability

Premium quality jackets will always allow the moisture from inside to evaporate out, preventing you from feeling sweaty and sticky after your skiing activities. However, a great ski jacket must ensure that you stay dry by keeping the moisture from the snow out. This means breathability from the inside to the outside, but complete waterproofing from the outside to the inside. You can tell how waterproof a jacket is by its waterproof rating: 5,000mm is low waterproofing, 10,000 average, 20,000 high, 28,000mm extremely high. Breathability is measured in grams: 5,000g is low 20,000g (or more) is a good breathability rating.

2. Shell or (padded) insulation

Synthetic padding is known for being bulky. Jackets using natural down for warmth lose their thermal abilities when wet. So, which do you go for? Fortunately, there’s new technology that combines the best of both worlds into one snug, trim-fitting, super warm jacket, that’s versatile and designed to maintain optimal warmth. Naeco’s Ocean Parka (contrary to the name) is designed for mountainous cold temperatures with an official temperature rating of up to -15ºC.

The insulation is made from Thermore EcoDown® which gives better heat retention than standard synthetic padding, but minus the bulk. It also features a water and wind resistant inner coating and an outer shell that boasts water-repellent capabilities to keep you dry and warm.

3. Moisture-wicking

Moisture-wicking refers to the jacket’s ability to disperse moisture away from the skin and out from inside the jacket without allowing cold air in. This keeps you dry and comfortable if you’re wearing the jacket while you’re active. A great snow jacket must have this function.

A premium quality jacket will feature an inner lining fabric that is mesh or made from other materials that promote moisture-wicking. Naeco’s Ocean Parka combines moisture-wicking capabilities with sustainable principles to offer you a fit that promotes exceptional hygiene and comfort.

4. Durability and lightweight

The more layers that there are to the jacket, the more durable it will be. However, when there are more layers, the jacket also becomes heavier. A great quality jacket will be able to combine hard wearing fabrics into their design to lessen the need for additional layers.

By working abrasive-resistant textiles into the fabric, this can be achieved, giving you a great fit that’s comfortable and enables a full range of motion, but still offers hard-wearing capabilities.

The perfect snow jacket for men: Match made in heaven

We believe that our Ocean Parka is the perfect snow jacket for men. It enables you versatility, it’s ideal for icy cold temperatures but still fits like a glove without that bulky padding. It’s also great because it offers you total waterproof capabilities and it’s wind resistant. The best part?

We’ve designed this incredible technology to help clean up the earth. Each ultra-comfortable and super soft jacket is made from 45 recycled plastic bottles - although you’d never guess that when you wear it.

This is that one investment piece that every man should own. Get yours from our "Shop Now" section.