The Journal | 05.11.2020

From a casual day date to a formal back tie event: 4 ways to rock a blazer

Looking for versatility when you plan your outfits with a single classic blazer? Here are 4 fantastic ways to rock your blazer.

A blazer is an investment piece that every man should have in his wardrobe. It’s that one garment that can transform your outfit from a casual breakfast outing into formal dinner attire, fit for a black-tie event.

You can choose to make the blazer work for you. The reason we’re excited about the various ways to wear a blazer is that we’ve designed and created a really unique garment that fits this description.

Naeco’s blazers are made from quick-dry super soft RPET material. They’re wrinkle-free, which means that you can have your blazer out of the laundry and ready to wear without requiring a dryer or an iron. How can you throw it on and leave the house dressed for any occasion? Here are 4 ways to do it well;

1. Smart casual: The jeans and blazer duo

Lunch date? Dinner with friends? Keen to make a good impression in a social setting? A blazer and jeans combination is a timeless trend that’s easy to fall back on.

It’s that easy go-to when you haven’t planned your outfit and you need something stylish and smart in a hurry.

Throw on a v-neck shirt, a polo tee, or a button-up and you’re set to impress without appearing too formal or overdressed.

2. Casual and sporty: The polo and blazer match

Keen for an approachable, sporty hands-on appeal without sacrificing your crisp presentation? Throw a blazer over your polo shirt. It’s super comfortable and gives you a slightly sportier active look. It’s perfect for a day date or a work event that’s outdoors.

Make this look work for you by opting for trousers that aren’t too formal - jeans work well, as do chinos. Choose a pair of shoes that are fairly sporty or leaning towards formal, this is how you set the sporty versus formal tone.

3. Distinguished but approachable: The Oxford look

The educated and distinguished gentleman can have a casual and comfortable look too.

An Oxford shirt under a blazer gives more presentation than the classic polo blazer combination, but it still offers you that comfort factor in abundance.

Set the tone by opting to button your shirt completely or leave the first two or three buttons open. Match your shirt with other items in your outfit.

4. Layered and stylish: The cardigan blazer pairing

In the 90s and early 2000s, cardigans were strictly for grandfathers and great uncles. Now, they’re making a comeback. A cardigan under a blazer adds a certain air of sophistication, a vintage appeal, to your outfit.

It takes some confidence and ability to dress in layers effectively. In order to succeed at this look, be sure to coordinate your cardigan’s colour carefully to align with your overall outfit.

A black cardigan under a black blazer is generally not advised (never mix different shades and textures of black into one outfit). Consider the colours of your buttons, your shoes, and any shirt collar that might be showing.

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