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Martinique is probably not the first spot in the Caribbean one would choose if he or she is not from a french speaking country. But this is probably the sweetest of the islands of the West Indies, with the most flowers. Right in the heart of Martinique is a huge garden where you can witness hummingbirds sipping nectar from tropical flowers. Martinique is comprised of a series of beaches dotted with thousands of palm trees along the white sand. It truly is paradise! 

Martinique is part of the French Antilles. In the North of Martinique, the next island is Dominica, in the South, you have St. Lucia.



If you go to Martinique you have to bring your snorkelling gear! Both beaches in Anses d’Arlet – Anse Dufour and Anse Noire – are often named the best snorkelling spot in Martinique. With its vast aquatic plant beds of tender seaweed, Anses d’Arlet is the restaurant that these wonderful creatures prefer. You will need to get up early and hope for good luck but you may just be fortunate to see the sea turtles here in this spot and it is absolutely spectacular. 



Martinique is the ultimate seaside location as it has so many perfect beaches. We just cant decide which is our favourite. To the south, white sandy beaches border turquoise seas in a postcard-worthy landscape, while in the north harsh black sand lines the mouth of the volcano. If you're looking for solitude in the wilderness or photogenic white sandy beaches, the beach of your dreams is somewhere on this island.



The island's longest beach, Le Diamant, is a four-mile bay around the legendary pirate rock for which is named. When the heat is low early in the morning you will find joggers there and later int he day a stroll along the beach with your feet in the water is perfection. 



We visited Martinique end of January / beginning of February and we had 3 weeks wind in a row. The statistics say you should better come January to May. December and June can work too, but as the wind period starts/ends here you better pick the safe middle. January to May is Carribean “Winter” which is the nicer time to stay if you are there to Kitesurf.



- Summer clothes: the weather is hot and fine all year round.
- A waterproof coat or windbreaker: in the tropics, a day rarely goes by without a short but intense shower of rain. But the sun comes back very quickly.
- A mask and snorkel, for snorkelling and catching a glimpse of the sea turtles.
- Mosquito repellent: as in any tropical area, the insects in Martinique are quite active, particularly at the beginning and the end of the day.
- A pair of Naeco swim shorts