The Journal | 06.10.2020

Men’s fashion 2020: Pack a punch to your wardrobe with Naeco’s top picks

Yes, Naeco is our name and it’s “OCEAN” written backwards. To add to our beloved brand’s sea roots even further, all of our garments are made from recycled plastic and other sustainable materials - most being pulled off beaches and out of ocean water.

However,  the sea-trend isn’t all we’re about, our range of 2020 fashion extends to some fanciful items that you wouldn’t only wear to the beach. Plus, we’re pretty enthusiastic about sustainability and fair trade fashion.

We’re proud to introduce our mainland clothing range containing some of the latest fashion trends of 2020. Get excited!

Trailblazing sustainable luxury with Naeco blazers 

Naeco is a trailblazer in sustainable men’s fashion in 2020. We combine the most innovative earth-care strategies with luxurious quality. With our prestige-quality blazers, you’re contributing to sustainability by giving renewable materials a new destiny. Love a spot of fine British tailoring? You’re in for a treat. 

Our blazers are quick-drying and sport our signature super soft and wrinkle-resistant RPET fabric. What does quick-dryingactually mean? It’s very literal. 

You can dip into the ocean with your Naeco blazer and have it dry in the ocean breeze. You can pull it out of the washing machine and dry it with a hairdryer (did we mention it’s also wrinkle-free?). That’s not a feature you’ll see too often in the latest fashion trends of 2020. Be ready to rock. You’ve just given 45 plastic bottles a stylish destiny. That’s how you do sustainable and fair trade fashion. 

Sporting Style with Naeco’s RPET Polo  

men's polo tee

Comfort meets style and sustainability in a powerful trifecta. This is one of our top picks for men’s fashion in 2020. We’ve reimagined a classic style to be more comfortable, more breathable, and softer on the skin. 

We wanted to create a shirt that will last a lifetime, whether you’re a keen outdoorsman putting the integrity of your clothing to the test, or a stylish homebody that values luxurious quality, without impacting the environment. Well, unless you want to factor in that your shirt is responsible for removing 12 plastic bottles from the earth (now, they’re on your back!). 

Who knew that re-born plastic could feel so good? Pair it with other favourites from the latest fashion trends of 2020 and you’re styling it with the sustainable and fair trade fashion industry.

Looking good in the hood 

men's fashion hoodie

Hoodies are a timeless classic. Our hoodies come with signature pulls that we’ve designed in-house. They’re made from sustainable materials we’ve processed into high-quality fabrics. These materials were pulled from the long and latitude of the great garbage patch. When you buy a hoodie, you’re signing up for a lifetime of snug warmth and comfort - not to mention - playing a role in the sustainable and fair trade fashion industry, if you can hold onto it. 

Plus, the oversized hoodie trend is likely to stay one of the latest fashion trends in 2020. 

Start-a Parka parade 

Men’s fashion in 2020 sees a decent display of faux fur - it’s ethical and sophisticated. Naeco’s Ocean Parka gives you a say over your style - add or remove the faux fur trim and enjoy a full range of movement thanks to lightweight fabrics and reduced padding. 

Worried you’re going to shiver? Don’t. Our Thermore EcoDown® insulation is an innovation based on science - giving you more insulation with less padding. We can’t control the weather out there, but we can keep you warm in up to -15 degrees. 

Speaking of sustainable and fair trade fashion, how many bottles did you keep out of landfill sites by purchasing this product? No fewer than 75. That’s how you look good and do good. 

Styling it softly 

Naeco’s Soft Shell is sneaky. It looks too stylish to be functional. Will it top the purchases as one of winter's latest fashion trends in 2020? Quite possibly. 

The simplistic design makes it appear to be lightweight, but it packs quite a punch. It comes with a unique evaporation technology to prevent you from feeling tacky under the layers - but it’s completely wind resistant and water repellant. Perfect for a day out in light rain, giving you perfect freedom of movement without compromising on warmth.  

men's fashion 2020

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