The Journal | 15.09.2020

Our top 4 favourite sustainable brands in the UK

Purchase power is in your hands. When you buy from the brands that support humanity and work to clean up the earth, you’re funding that work. These are 4 wonderful brands that are worth supporting. 

Purchase power is in your hands. When you buy from the brands that support humanity and work to clean up the earth, you’re funding that work.

That means you’re involved without lifting a finger. Simply changing the selection of products in your cart at the grocery store, or changing the online stores you shop at, is all the effort that is required from you.

Did you know that your pounds are that powerful? Here are 4 sustainable brands you can support in the UK:

1. Health: Kalmly

Kalmly is one of the sustainable brands in the UK that stands out. They're personable, friendly, and built on a desire to empower people.

Kalmly creates a variety of CBD products, including a range of consumables, like gummies, flavoured CBD extracts and oils, capsules, as well as topical ointments and bath products. This is one of the sustainable brands in the UK that goes the extra mile to ensure that they support small farmers who grow their produce organically.

As a local brand, they manufacture exceptionally well-regulated products thanks to their team of scientists based in their lab in London.

If you value the benefits of CBD and would love to support a local brand that’s truly doing it for the people, check them outhere

2. Alcoholic beverages: Brewgooder

The do-gooder brand Brewgooder creates a magnificent craft beer, and this is a not-for-profit business. Why are they one of our favourite sustainable brands in the UK?

Their main goal is to provide “clean water for a million people through the power of craft beer”.

The beer is their way of funding their goal. Every time you enjoy a cold brewski, you’re supporting a cause. This brand managed to donate £49,915 to three charities based in Malawi, during its first two years in business.

Their donations are spent on essentials that will enable impoverished communities to have access to clean water by providing services such as: borehole drilling and repairs, school feeding and sanitation systems and water access for mother & baby clinics. 

3. Personal grooming: Soap Co 

One of the most profound ways in which the human body receives toxins and hormone disruptors is via the skin.

The skin is highly absorbent and even more so when we are in a hot bath or shower. Reduce the number of hormone disruptors and chemicals that you interact with by supporting small sustainable brands in the UK that create all-natural soap.

Soap Co is one of the best brands that you can support, they employ disadvantaged people who are blind, deaf, or have other impairments. Another reason that this is one of our favourite sustainable brands in the UK?

They repurpose old milk bottles and plastics into packaging, keeping these products out of the landfills and the oceans. They also create their own biodegradable stickers glue, and film out of wood pulp. 

4. Sweets and treats: Tony’s Chocolonely

Not strictly speaking a UK brand but still under the category of sustainable brands in the UK, Dutch confectioner, Tony, wanted to prove that it is possible and highly profitable to produce slave-free chocolate.

Surprised to hear that this point still needs to be proven? Slave labour, sadly, is still rife in West Africa in the cocoa plantations. Most brands of chocolate use cocoa beans that are farmed by slaves. While Tony’s Chocolonely isn’t a brand that originates in the UK, you’re still supporting local because they do produce their chocolate locally in the UK, as well as in the USA and Europe, qualifying them for our list of sustainable brands in the UK.

Guilt-free chocolate means slave-free chocolate, in this sense. Next time you come across a product from Tony’s Chocolonely, go ahead and buy it, knowing you’re supporting positive change in the world. 


When it comes to fashion, we have to blow our own horn - we’re super proud of the brand that we’ve built.

Like the others listed here, we also dedicate a great deal of our resources and energy into uplifting the world. We organise beach cleanups to remove litter from our ocean.

We also empower the hands that help us to create our exceptional garments, each human being involved in any of Naeco’s dealings is paid fairly and treated with respect. If you’d love to get involved in some of our initiatives, please get in touch. Alternatively, shop Naeco, knowing that you’re funding positive change.