The Journal | 23.11.2020

Shopping for a man: 4 sustainable gifts he’ll love

Looking for ethical gifting ideas for men that promote sustainability? Here are a few fantastic and cost effective ideas

Men are more difficult to shop for than women are. It might be because the business world has pummelled consumers with gifting inspiration and ideas for women - not so much for men.

Men are taking a greater interest in earth-friendly ethics, they’re also starting to value their well-being more than they did in decades past. It’s no longer trendy to be nonchalant about important matters.

Gifting a man with something that aligns with his views of sustainability is truly meaningful. The best news? It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either.

Here are 4 sustainable gift ideas especially suited to the man who cares for the environment;

1. Ethical clothing and accessories

Our range of sustainable wear isn’t only the perfect gift for men, it’s a gift to the planet too. Each time you make a purchase, you’re funding ocean cleanups and helping us to give plastics and harmful compounds, a better purpose away from natural ecosystems. 

Our organic cotton tees offer improved breathability and antibacterial qualities (minimising the need for harmful antiperspirants on the skin) and keeping him cool, trendy, and comfortable.

With winter around the corner, it’s a great time to shop for trendy winter wear for men - our range offers superior insulation for unrivalled comfort and without the bulkiness. Get inspired here

2. All-natural beard and grooming products

Groomed men who take pride in their beards - this trend has caused ladies to swoon like never before. Did it start with Jason Mamoa? Who knows but it’s a hot trend and it’s here to stay.

Help him invest in his appearance and truly pamper himself with a gorgeous set of grooming products that are free from harmful additives (like sulfates and hormone-disrupting parabens). A superior-quality beard oil will nourish his facial hair for a softer and smoother finish that’s easier to style as needed.

The best part? It’s vegan and earth-friendly too. Truly one of the top sustainable gifts you can choose. Get inspired here: www.Wearthlondon.com 

3. The Chef's Portable Multi-Tool.

Shopping for a man that loves to camp? This is not a Leatherman. It’s not a multi-tool in the traditional sense. Rather, it’s ideal for the man that loves to cook. The man that frequently eats outdoors but still takes tremendous pleasure in preparing a real meal.

The Chef’s Portable Multi-Tool contains everything you need to ship up a fabulous dish in the middle of nowhere - everything except the food and the plate;
  • Cheese grater
  • Zester
  • Garlic crusher
  • Peeler
  • Carving fork
  • Stirring spoon
  • Corkscrew
  • Bottle opener
  • Channel knife
  • Serrated knife
  • Small paring knife
  • Can opener

Love it? The great news is that it’s also far more cost-effective than most multi-tools. It’s made from sustainable and ethically-sourced materials (acacia wood for the handle and stainless steel). Get inspired here: www.uncommongoods.com

4. Rock dock

It sounds like it might have something to do with Dwayne Johnson, but it really doesn’t. The rock dock is a wireless charging station for your phone and it’s entirely ethical. Unusual for electronics to have an ethical element to them - but this one is paving the way for change in its industry.

It’s a super affordable piece of technology, made from found rocks. To be more specific, it’s made from pebbles gathered on New England beaches and reclaimed granite.

It’s wire-free for charging purposes but it comes with a cord that unravels at the back and connects to a USB port. It leaves your phone propped up during charge time, enabling you to access functions like calls, emails and texts. Get inspired here: www.uncommongoods.com

Sustainability and gifting: The ultimate green Christmas

Whether you’re shopping for a Christmas gift or a just-because keepsake, combining an element of sustainability into your gifting ideas is a double gift - one for the recipient and one for the earth.

Remember that your gift should align with the philosophy of the person that you are shopping for and will help you to choose something meaningful that truly displays your thoughtfulness.