The Journal | 07.08.2020

Sustainability, Ethics, and Fashion: Meet Naeco

Getting dressed in the morning can contribute to a healthier planet. Surprised? That’s the reality when you support sustainable fashion brands.

Does sustainability sound like something that’s pretty difficult to sustain? Like that diet that’s cued to start on Monday with vigour and enthusiasm? 

The idea of a sustainable future sounds like there are sacrifices to be made. Ironically, this often makes it difficult to sustain on a long term basis, because you’re having to give something up. Trading the look you love for the sake of supporting renewable fabric producers, that’s also not sustainable because eventually, you’ll want to default back to the brands you love. 

Sustainable fabrics and fashion create new possibilities 

Naeco changes everything you know about sustainability and about fashion - especially men’s fashion. It’s the colliding point between two opposing industries, and, where they meet, there’s a calm cohesion.

Zak Johnson, the founder of this fashion brand, finds himself in his element when he’s treading clean ocean water or skimming over its surface as a kitesurfer. Through the years, he noticed the big blue ocean getting dotted with more and more litter and plastic. Zak saw this firsthand, and in response, decided to build a business that would bring an element of harmony into the world. Zak did this by uplifting the health status of the oceans and the earth, whilst introducing a new approach to fashion in the marketplace. So came the birth of Naeco - the brand that creates sustainable clothing. Naeco is so invested in the well-being of the ocean, it’s literally “ocean” spelt backwards.

The very fabric of this fashion organisation is different

Naeco has taken a different approach to every aspect of creating and sustaining a business in the men’s fashion niche. That means looking beyond just the actual textiles and fabrics we produce, but also reflecting on the methods in which we go about this process.

Naeco sources only sustainable fabrics to create high-quality fashion garments. 5% of all proceeds go towards funding beach cleanups and ensuring the “waste” that results from the cleanup does not go to a landfill, but finds a meaningful destiny that improves the health and life of the people and animals of the planet.

 More about the actual fabric of this organisation

  • Recycled polyester- Sometimes, solving a dilemma doesn’t require enormous change. It just requires an enormous shift in the way you view the problem. Take plastic cups and bottles, for example. We can reuse them over and over through our process of producing RPET polyester, giving its presence meaning and eventually preventing further production. That’s what Naeco is doing to create luxurious-quality fashion items. Our RPET is water-resistant, stain repellant, and it’s sweat-wicking. That’s why we believe it’s the ideal clothing application and part of our sustainable fabrics collection. 
  • Bamboo cotton -Our bamboo cotton takes breathability to a new level.The texture is soft and luxurious, treating your skin to the ultimate comfort. It’s also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, giving you hygienic and more comfortable attire for working out or enjoying summer days outdoors. What else do we love about bamboo cotton? The bamboo growing process also uses 200 times less water than cotton! That means that after cultivating bamboo for years and years in the same soil, you could farm that same land and still reap the rewards of fertile soil. This ideal is a cornerstone in creating sustainable fabrics for men’s fashion.
  • Recycled organic cotton -Nothing goes to waste. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Our recycled organic cotton is made from the scraps we gathered off the cutting room floor. All of our scraps are gathered and sorted before being re-spun into new textiles to create more of our luxurious men’s fashion wear. Reusing organic cotton cuts down the need for producing new materials. It also makes a significant impact on water consumption, each tonne of recycled organic cotton (as sustainable fabrics) can save as much as 202,000 gallons of water. Sustainable men’s clothing is breathable, beautiful, and comfortable.
  • Theremore Ecodown -When you’re cold, would you wear a plastic bottle to keep you warm? Probably not. Naeco and Theremore have teamed up together to create synthetic textiles that are lightweight, vegan, feather-free, yet highly insulating (for colder weather) and exceptionally comfortable. You would never guess so, but these textiles are made from plastic bottles that were (at best) destined to a landfill site.

Do Good. Look Good. Feel Good.

When you know better, you feel better. When you feel, you do better. Step into your style with Naeco for superior quality sustainable men’s fashion. We’re so confident that we’re introducing superior sustainable quality fashion into the marketplace that all of our products come with a 5-year no-questions-asked guarantee. 

Want to take your passion to the next level and become a helping hand? Contact us to learn about our ocean clean up initiatives. We always welcome volunteers.