The Journal | 22.09.2020

Sustainable fashion: The earthly cost of fabric

Doing good in the world has its basis in feeling good. When we feel better, we do better. Makes sense, right? Until it comes to luxury fashion and sustainability.

The textile industry has had a pretty bad wrap for a number of reasons - they have a tendency to exploit workers, forcing them to function in conditions that are easily likened to slavery, trapping minimum wage workers in a cycle of perpetual poverty. Sustainable fashion has, until now, limited buyers to a very particular style of clothing. 

It’s also recently come to light that the production of many of our favourite fabrics, like cotton and denim, are consuming (and wasting) water at an unsustainable rate. Your favourite cotton tee, for example, accounted for the use of about 2,700 litres of water in its production process. 

Then there’s the energy consumption and the degradation or outright destruction of natural ecosystems due to toxic waste. It’s enough to make you want to turn a blind eye, however, you don’t have to.

We’re thrilled to introduce superior quality clothing that’s British made, stylish, and incredibly durable. It’s the meeting point between luxury fashion and sustainability. 

What’s it made from? How transparent is our sustainable process really? Here’s a breakdown;

Recycled Polyester that turns litter into a commodity

Solving a problem doesn’t always require a massive change and co-operation from every person on the planet. If you reframe the problem in your mind, you can view the problem as a solution that answers to a need that you might not have considered.

Take plastic as part of sustainable fashion, for example. Instead of viewing it as a waste product that’s problematic because it fills up landfills, view it as a raw material that can be recycled for good. 

Naeco creates RPET polyester applications for sustainable fashion garments that are durable, water-resistant, and sweat-wicking from products that are otherwise considered “waste”.

Our beach and nature clean up initiatives do so much more than pull waste from the oceans to dump into landfill sites. We’re actually getting materials for our next line of products. Naeco brings luxury fashion and sustainability together.

Bamboo Cotton: A meaningful element in sustainable fashion

bamboo textiles

We’re all about feeling good and that starts with your outfit. When you go into the world showcasing a keen sense of style, you’re demonstrating your discernment and you feel elevated.

Feeling good also refers to the physical stuff. You want to enjoy full movement with no restrictions caused by poorly fitting clothes.

Maybe you thought sustainable fashion wasn’t for you - maybe it doesn’t resonate with your look? Fair enough, but it’s all about to change (in a big way). 

Bamboo cotton brings all of these together and it comes to you, with love from Naeco.

Our bamboo cotton is super-breathable (cotton has nothing on this) and its anti-bacterial, making it more hygienic and perfectly suited as workout attire or comfortable clothes for outdoor adventures. What are you doing for the environment with your purchase?

You’re supporting the cultivation of sustainable fashion products. Cotton is devastating for farmable lands. Bamboo is a positive solution to traditional cotton fabrics, so you can do good for the planet while looking good and feeling good.

Theremore Ecodown: the cruelty-free and water-saving ecodown

Goodbye goose down, hello vegan-friendly, feather-free and thermo-regulating ecodown. Garment fill such as goose down doesn’t have the best reputation with environmentally-aware consumers.

It’s not exactly the most sustainable fashion product, nor is it animal friendly.

Still, it remains one of the most cost-effective and efficient materials to pad clothing in order to improve insulation for heat retention in cold conditions. Until now. Luxury fashion and sustainability finally cross paths and the results are spectacular!

Naeco has teamed up with Thermore Ecodown giving old plastic bottles a meaningful destiny while revolutionising the manner in which we create clothing that retains warmth effectively. Our lining and padding are not made from organic cotton, goose down or any other filling, it’s all made from recycled plastic. 

With a lofting rate of 9/10, our lower denier fibres capture more air and traps it to improve the retention of warmth without extra “padding”. This means that your warm wear is eco friendly, unbelievable lightweight, and super-warm.

Who thought sustainable fashion could be so versatile?

Naeco does ‘sustainable fashion’ differently

sustaining natural ecosystems

Naeco breaks out of the cycle of consumption. We recognise a problem with the standard production methods in the textile industry.

We want sustainable fashion to empower people, from the factory-level workers through to you - the buyer.

We’re not perfect. We’re revolutionising, we’re growing.  Every single hand that contributes to the creation and distribution of our products receives a living wage.

Our garments are all locally-made according to demand, ensuring we are never over-stocked.

We’re looking for simpler ways to bring super-quality sustainable fashion to the market, while we’re powering positive environmental change.

We want people to do good, look good and feel good when they choose luxury fashion and sustainability.