The Journal | 06.10.2020

Sustainable living: 4 ways to incorporate “green” in your life

Our beautiful green earth that supports every life form known to man, is in peril. We hear about it frequently. We’re often inundated with bad news, to the point where it’s easier to stick our heads in the sand and pretend none of it is real, or pretend that what we’re doing, isn’t contributing to the problem. Fortunately, you don’t have to immerse yourself in the statistics and watch thedocumentaries in order to make a difference. 

The most subtle of habits can rewrite the earth’s story completely. These four habits can make a profound difference, in your life and to the world;

1. Your wardrobe

eco-friendly lifestyle tips

Sustainable living is trendy and it’s a wholesome trend that benefits everyone. Previously, sourcing sustainable clothing meant having to choose between the look you love and the lifestyle you want to support. Not anymore. Whilst hemp fabrics and the roughly woven textiles are gorgeous and certainly have their place, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Naeco’s range of designer wear is stylish enough to come straight out of your favourite fashion guru’s personal wardrobe, with the carbon footprint of a cloud. 

2. Your medicine cabinet

It’s not about taking risks - don’t go against your doctor’s orders. However, when it comes to self-medicating, opt for the greener approach to pharmaceuticals. Headaches, pain and inflammation, supplementation, and stress-related conditions like insomnia can be treated with all-natural products like CBD. Look for CBD manufacturers that source their products sustainably and produce medical-grade extracts and products. 

3. Your purchasing decisions 

eco-friendly living

If you’re buying milk anyway, support that brand that uses glass bottles instead of plastic. If you’re looking for a designer shirt, look for bamboo cotton instead of regular cotton. It needn’t inconvenience you, it just requires you to familiarise yourself with brands that are sustainable, and it means finding out how to identify brands that support a sustainable living lifestyle. Learn how to identify “greenwashing” and what it means (it refers to brands that claim to be sustainable, but they’re not). 

4. Your waste disposal habits

Tossing that plastic packet into the bin is good, right? Not necessarily. From the bin, that plastic packet will make its way on a truck (with several opportunities to escape into the air and flutter in the wind until it reaches the sea or some other wildlife region). If it reaches the landfill site, it will slowly disintegrate contributing to themicroplastic pandemic that poisons our rivers, our seas, our forests, our air and our bodies. It is better to recycle wherever possible, remaining fully accountable for the final resting place of your packet. Better yet? Opt for products that are not packaged in plastic. 

Already succeeding at sustainable living? Do you want to do more? Get involved with community projects. Connect with us on social media and join us on our next cleanup mission. We collect plastic from the beaches to create our designer fashion range.