The NAECO guarantee

We offer a 5-year guarantee on our Naeco range


We are so confident in the quality of our products, that each item now comes with a five-year guarantee. Yes, from the moment you buy a Naeco piece you know that you have five years to love it, wear it and exchange it whenever it needs to be repaired. We believe that you should be able to buy luxury products with confidence so that they will last a lifetime.

We build high-quality garments that we are truly proud of. If any of your Naeco clothing needs to be repaired, we will send out a replacement to you, no questions asked.Ageing is to be expected, and after several years of sun, sea, pools, fun and parties, your Naeco items should look loved and used. We cannot promise they will always look like they’re fresh out of the box, but if at any point they suffer from a manufacturing defect, we will repair them or replace them - free of charge.Despite all the hard work we put into making each garment, time will affect its appearance and wear and tear will make its mark. This includes colour fading and any staining from daily life.

Things that shouldn't happen to your NAECO swim shorts:

Stitching disintegration
The material or hardware breaking or detaching
Major colour loss

Simple things to keep your garment looking great:

• Rinsing after use (for the swim shorts)
• Ensuring that the item is completely dry before storing away
• Washing and rinsing separately
• Taking care not to use abrasive detergent or spot stain remover

How to easily claim your NAECO guarantee:

If you would like to claim a replacement item using the Naeco Guarantee, please contact concierge@naeco.co.uk and we will send you further instructions.

What you will need to supply our NAECO concierge team with:

• Clear images of the garment
• Clear images of the fault
• A description of the fault
• Proof of purchase

What happens to my old garment?

Since we are a sustainable brand, any item that you send back to us in order to claim your replacement item will be recycled into a new piece of clothing to eliminate waste.